Friday, 5 June 2009

Hub, Issue 87

Ah, these one story issues of Hub are perfect for reading and reviewing in your lunchbreak.

Issue 87's story in Nightlife by Dean Grondo. Wow, that's disturbing. I think I'm actually horrified. This is a snippet of an insight into the mind of a serial killer. There's no attempt to construct a narrative or give any backstory and I think that shows just how competent and assured the writing is. All throughout the story I was thinking in a slightly hysterical way 'but why? Why?' and no why was given. It would have been a much weaker piece if the author had attempted to answer the questions. I'm not sure I actually liked it but it's the first time in ages I've been really disturbed by a horror story - and isn't that exactly what the genre is supposed to do? I'll be looking out for more of Grondo's work.

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