Thursday, 7 July 2011

Things I've liked this week

Writing stuff
A poem taking apart V.S. Naipal and his isms via Ms Magazine

Politics and social stuff
Responding to homophobia in the Daily Mail (shocker, I know), Spark in Darkness is both angry, right, and funny.

Oooh pretty
Astronomy picture of the day showing a volcano with a perfectly triangular shadow.


DRC said...

I imagine Astonomy Picture of the Day is quite spectacular...

Glad you had a good holiday x

Victoria Snelling said...

APOD is wonderful. So much pretty :-) Vienna also was very pretty.

How are you?

DRC said...

I'm good, thanks. Keeping busy as always with writing and drawing... ;D

What about you? Any progress to report on Sacrifice?

Victoria Snelling said...

Yeah, some progress. I now have a full first draft, a structure, a synopsis and chapters outlined. All that's left to do is totally rewrite it so that it's good. :-)

Am experiencing some anxiety and a bit of a confidence crisis, but I'll be over that soon.

Martin Willoughby said...

Poetry? Yueck.

Daily Mail? Who's surprised

Picture? WOW. Never seen anything like that before and I's not sure how they did it. Is it real or photoshopped?

Victoria Snelling said...

The picture is real. It's taken from the top of another mountain which is what causes the optical illusion. There's some notes under the picture that explain how it's done.

Martin Willoughby said...

It just looks so unreal. Fantastic, but unreal. Almost like a road to the heavens.