Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Gun for Sale

I joined a book club at work. This month we're reading Graham Greene's Travels with my Aunt and A Gun for Sale. I read Travels with my Aunt ages ago and loved it. Graham Greene is one of my favourite authors.

A Gun for Sale was new to me and the first thing that struck me was how contemporary the writing felt. It is full of short, sharp sentences with a gritty, terse feel to it. The interior monologue occasionally sounds like telling, but otherwise it was amazing. There is a point in the middle when one of the main characters is killed and I found it incredibly shocking. It turns out later that she wasn't actually killed and that is also a stunning reveal. I loved it.

I've also been reading Your Next Move by Micheal Watkins and Heart of Darfur by Lisa Blaker. The latter was very moving but I was disappointed that there was no attempt to explain what was going on.

I may be a while in posting my next 'what I've been reading' update as I've embarked on Martin Chuzzlewit and it's 700 pages of tiny type. I may be some time.

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DRC said...

Happy reading...

It's good to know you've settled into your new job...