Wednesday, 6 January 2010

What was your favourite book as a teenager?

Inspired by Nathan Bransford, who asked the question on his blog. He gets hundreds of comments though and I didn't feel like getting lost in the cloud.

My favourites were:
Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte
The Dragonlance Chronicles by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
Jerusalem Fire by R M Meluch

I wonder if it's time for a re-read to see if they're as good as I remember, or if that would spoil the memories. I did read Wuthering Heights again not so long ago; it was as good as I remembered and I appreciated it more, so maybe it's the way to go.

What about you? What were you favourite books as a teenager? And have you read them again as a grown up?


Meg said...

I'm trying to dig up my favorites from my memory. I read so many books as a teenager.

In high school I loved Shakespeare and all the fantasy novels my parents had on the shelf.

I know I read the Dragonlance Chronicles at some point, but the fact that I barely remember the storyline tells me it's time to read them again. :D

My favorite all time book that I've read so many times the cover literally fell off? The Black Swan by Mercedes Lackey.

(Attempt #3 to post, sorry if I triple comment.)

Boudica said...

I can never remember storylines - which is why I can reread things so much. What I remember is how the book made me feel.