Thursday, 25 August 2011

Things I have liked this week

The origin of words
The Inky Fool, a blog about words, phrases, grammar and other good stuff. Totally charming.

The obligatory space-y picture
Lots of beautiful pictures on APOD this week and I'm picking this artist's impression of a wierdly dark planet as my favourite as it reminds me there's so much we don't know yet.

Writing stuff
From the SFWA, a list of the common writing 'problems' seen in SF&F. Amusing, and you might spot one or two you recognise.


Martin Willoughby said...

I've just added inky fool to my follow list, it looks good.

My own favourite list is the evil overlord list. What a person would do or not do if he became an evil overlord, such as shoot the princess if she refuses to marry him.

Sarah Pearson said...

I loved that last one. I hope I don't do such things now but I did come across a few I've definitely been guilty of in the past :-)

Boudica said...

I like the evil overlord list as well. And I'm sure there's more to be amused by....