Friday, 2 September 2011

A Read of A Dance with Dragons - Part 31

Chapter 30 - Daenerys

Skahaz mo Kandaq has been following Hizdahr zo Loraq who has been visiting the nobles of Meereen and the murders have stopped for three weeks.

Grey Worm comes to tell her that a rider has come from Astapor, which has been destroyed. He had the bloody flux. He says the rider says that Astapor was waiting for Daenerys to come and rescue them. The rider was on a pale mare. Daenerys recalls her sellsword companies. Some more Astapori refugees arrive and tell the her the details of the fall of Astapor. Daenerys orders a camp to be set up for the refugees outside the city so the disease does not spread. People are urging Daenerys to use her dragons but they are a weapon she can't control. Others suggest abandoning Meereen. She realises she doesn't have the right counsellors about her. Daenerys doesn't know what to do and everything she tries to help just makes it worse.

Daenerys can't sit out a siege so she must engage the Yunkai'i and make it on her terms. And she decides she must marry Hizdahr.


Oh, Dany, you can only have two husbands - don't waste one on Hizdahr. She is in such a difficult position and she is not getting good advice. It'll be better when Tyrion arrives. It looks like Quaithe's prophecy is coming true.

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