Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Read of A Dance with Dragons - Part 38

Chapter 37 - The Prince of Winterfell

Theon is giving 'Arya' away. In the chamber where she's getting ready she keeps talking as though she's Jeyne Poole. Theon is afraid Ramsay will hurt her if she is not Arya body and soul. He tells her Ramsay is sweet so long as you don't anger him.

As he walks her to the godswood he realises that him giving her away makes it harder for any of the northern lords to question her. The marriage through the old gods is quick and the party then goes to the ruined castle for the feast. Theon hangs back and when he is alone he thinks he hears his name whispered in the trees.

At the feast he sits next to Lady Dustin of Barrowton. Lord Manderly has provided the food. She points out that Roose doesn't eat or drink anything Manderly hasn't also eaten. She thinks Manderly is craven. Theon is not so sure, as his sons were brave enough when they all rode with Robb Stark. A maester brings news that Stannis is marching for Winterfell, the Umbers and Karstarks are also on their way.

Roose takes his war council to another room. Theon is told to escort Arya to Ramsay's room by Sour Alyn. Once there, Ramsay dismisses all his men except Reek to cut Jeyne's clothes from her, tells her to get on the bed and spread her legs. He finds she is not aroused so orders Reek to use his tongue on her.


Poor Jeyne. She's thirteen and she used to have a crush on Theon.

More mixed messages about whether Theon has been gelded. But now we know why Roose wanted Theon to be involved. He's lent legitimacy to this marriage.

I thought it was interesting that Roose is having his war council without Ramsay. I wonder if he will get killed in the battle - in the last Theon chapter Roose said Ramsay was no swordsman. Roose has good reasons to kill him.


Thomas said...

Any opinions on what was served at the feast :-) ?

Great blog, thanks for taking the time to write.

Victoria Snelling said...

*goes to check* Hmmm. Think I'd prefer to be eating with Tyrion and Illyrio. I love how Martin uses food to underline the relative economic power of the characters.

Thanks for commenting. It's always lovely to hear someone enjoys reading :-)

Thomas said...

I don't think it's a Spoiler and I can't take credit for that wonderful line I've read elsewhere: would you like Frey's with that?