Thursday, 1 September 2011

Things I have liked this week

Writing and procrastination
The whole You are not so Smart blog is fascinating, but what really resonated with me this week were a couple of posts on procrastination. I procrastinate much more than I am happy with and sometimes that's because I forget that I can't work all the time. Other times it's because big projects are scary and sometimes it's because I want the emotional reward now, damnit!

More writing stuff
I'm worldbuilding at the moment and this week I came across On Thud and Blunder by Poul Anderson. It's about internal consistency and realism in fantasy worlds. Highly entertaining and very instructive. It's published on the SFWA website and is quite long, but a worthwhile read.

Pretty pictures of space
The loveliness of cosmic clouds from Astronomy Picture of the Day.


Sarah Pearson said...

I'm big on procrastination. It would be my specialist subject on mastermind - if I ever got round to applying :-)

Thanks for the worldbuilding essay link. I've bookmarked it for later.

Martin Willoughby said...

I thought about posting a comment, but decided to do it later.

Boudica said...

@Sarah, hope you get to the article, it's worth it.

@Martin - *eyeroll* :-)